About Pirrrd

Pirrrd is built to fill a need we saw in both our own products and in the community. After running two industry-specific CMS & Lead gen platforms for several years, both with their own identical drip systems, we realized we would be better served by maintaining a single system for both platforms. As we fleshed out what that would look like, we saw how beneficial spinning out our drip system into a standalone product would be.

There are many small businesses, both in our platform niches and out side of them, that can benefit from lead nurturing, but aren’t able to take advantage of current systems. Typically this is due to price, just a few thousand leads can cost many hundreds of dollars a month on existing platforms, or complexity, with the current solutions often being an mass of offerings all rolled into one making it hard to simply get up and running.

For our usage we knew we wanted to be able to have a single platform that used multiple Twilio & Mailgun accounts, but was completely standalone. We knew that we wanted to be able to build and pull campaigns over an API so we could integrate the backend of Pirrrd directly onto our other platforms, and also be able to manage campaigns entirely on Pirrrd. So that’s what we built.

With Pirrrd you bring your own Twilio and Mailgun accounts, setup your campaigns, and add lead from any source you wish – we support adding leads over standard http POST with both redirect and reposting to allow you to use with any form, anywhere, as well as over API to support your own server or any 3rd party service with webhooks and  Zapier.

Who we are

Pirrrd was built by wedowork, to solve our own lead nurturing / drip feed needs. We’re a small team and are dedicated to making sure our platforms and tools bring value to our users and “scratch our own itch” as it were.

Our philosophy

Platforms for humans should be easy to use, uncomplex. You shouldn’t need hours of training or need to hire a team to nurture your leads into customers. You should be able to signup and get to work without artificial barriers, upsells, or artificial complexity.

Thank you

Thank you for being interested in Pirrrd. We believe in the product, and are using it in production. We think it’s simplicity, ease of use, and focus will make you like it too!